Service Level Agreement

For us, at Sharon Nehab, the field of service is considered one of the core values ​​of the company, so we devoted much thought and wrote you a service charter that establishes our commitment to you.

  • Always act with integrity, transparency and fairness – with customers, partners and suppliers.
  • Company employees are instructed to conduct themselves with courtesy, politeness and goodwill.
  • The Company and its employees will be available for customer inquiries while providing a quick, professional and thorough response.
  • At “Sharon Nehab” the enemy of “excellent” is “very good”. We conduct feedback surveys among our clients on a regular basis and always try to be attentive to criticism, learn lessons and improve.
  • Any relevant information, known to us, that may affect the buyer’s decision-making, will be presented to the customer.
  • We will try to accommodate customers and take into account their needs as much as possible.
  • We will negotiate from a fair position and ensure that each client has a point of contact and a sense of personal attention.
  • For every position in the company we employ professionals with experience in their fields.
  • Sharon Nehab provides all guarantees required in accordance with the Law.
  • We off to assist the customer during the mortgage registration process with the bank.
  • Sharon Nehab builds on a high-quality standard and according to standards defined by the planning and control authorities.
  • We commit ourselves to a high-quality, rich and varied specification that provides the customer with room for choice.
  • Sharon Nehab is makes a special effort to meet the timetables agreed upon, including the occupancy dates.
  • We provide regular updates to the customer, at regular intervals, on the progress of construction.